Our Equipment

The ZigZag team understands how important the equipment is that we take on our overlanding tours. Along with the van, your tent, stretcher and camp chair become 'your temporary home' whilst we traverse the country, and they must be as comfortable, rugged and reliable as they possibly can be.

After careful consideration, and a solid four month 'trans-New Zealand' trial, ZigZag is proud to confirm that each of our passengers will be provided with the following:


The OZTENT RV-3 employs an award-winning design that makes it incredibly easy to put up. ZigZaggers simply wheel their personal tent to their site using the heavy-duty wheelie bag. Once in place, the basic tent can be removed from the bag and erected by a single ZigZagger in less than 30-seconds. It takes a further 5-10 minutes to complete the set up by adding the flysheet, awning and support poles - simples!! (Have a look at our video to see how easy it is).

High enough to stand up in, the RV3 can easily fit either a single or a double camp stretcher, and your bags. Each tent comes with side and rear windows and a large awning, which provides welcome shade and a pleasant place to sit and watch the sun go down at the end of the day.

Made from high quality, 8oz Ripstop polycotton canvas and a heavy-duty, heat-sealed PVC floor, the OZTENT RV3 is extremely waterproof, as we discovered on the South Island's West Coast (5.5 inches of rain in 36 hours).


We used Zempire stretchers for our research trip, and they were great - stable, comfortable and very easy to put up. The 'Speedy Bed King Single' and its 'Twin' alternative (for ZigZagging couples) are long and wide - perfect for taller campers, and for pairing with a larger sleeping mat. The fully folding frame can be put up and down in seconds.

Camp Chairs

Our Kiwi Camping 'Chillax Chair' was comfortable and super easy to put up. It has its own cup/bottle holder and carry bag. 

Looking for inspiration of what to take with you? Check out our 'Kit-List' here! We've listed everything you need for a Zig Zag Tour.

Kitchen Equipment

ZigZag's trailer incorporates a Weber BBQ, turbo gas rings, quality kitchen utensils and has a solar powered fridge installed.

Plus, some of the campsites that you will be staying in offer further cooking facilities. You'll have the opportunity to test out an awesome 'above-ground' Hāngī cooker while staying in Rotorua.

Experiencing a Hāngī is a great way to experience Māori culture, and some pretty amazing food! Check out our first experience cooking a Hāngī here!


We've provided everything you need to know about this unique and beautiful country!
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