Staying connected

Stay Connected

New Zealand has four main telecommunication companies. They are Spark, One, Skinny and 2Degrees. Each offers SIM card data packages that are tailor made for travellers, and can be obtained in most cities, towns and airports. Though coverage across much of the country is fairly good, signal is not always available in some of the more remote areas of New Zealand that we will be visiting. However, if we are out of signal, it should not be for more than 48 hours.

Wi-fi is available at almost all of the campsites that we are staying at, as well as nearby cafes, and restaurants. It is almost always free, but there are some campgrounds that charge for Wi-Fi usage. Please note that there will be some areas where the signal will be slow and less reliable.

ZigZag provide you with your very own USB port in our vehicle so you can charge your devices on the go. Most campsites also have plug points in the kitchen and social areas for public use, should you need them.

Most towns and cities have their own iSite – a national tourism network that provides regional maps, brochures, information and traveller essentials that you may require. 

Useful apps that we recommend downloading before arriving in the country:

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