Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism 

ZigZag is aware of the negative impact that tourism can inflict on the environment and is therefore committed to providing a responsible and more sustainable form of small group travel in New Zealand. We encourage all of our passengers to:

Dispose of waste responsibly – use rubbish/recycle bins where available or bring your rubbish back to the truck. Leave only footprints. 

Reduce waste, reuse and recycle wherever possible.

Support us as we buy local, eat local, and stay local, where possible.

Respect New Zealand’s wildlife and environment.

Follow local regulations – campfires, litter, free camping, etc.

Be respectful of all beliefs and cultures to help build local pride and confidence.

Know what you’re getting yourself into...

Here are some of the realities of a Zig Zag Tour in New Zealand.
Get across it!