why not?

Why not? Up to 90 days of meandering around gorgeous coastlines, mountains, lakes and forests…… hang on, how long? Yep, that’s almost 13 weeks of bucket list fun and adventure in this country you’ve always wanted to visit. No rushed highlights schedules, no long drive days, day after day after day… you’ll have time to linger and truly fall in love with this little slice of paradise at the bottom of the world. 

We operate seventeen individual tours each year, all for small groups of overlanders. Really small. So, does size really matter then? Yep, we think it does. We like the number ‘ten’ (“tekau” in Māori), and that is the maximum number of passengers we carry per trip.   

We travel in a 2023 AWD Mercedes Sprinter that has been customised to carry each of you in real comfort. Individual luxury leather seats with overhead storage, a personal USB charging socket, air-conditioning, and a shared in-cabin drinks cooler…. ‘Cheers, don’t mind if we do!’. We even include hooks so you can dry your wet towels at the back of the van!! We know it will become your second home, so we’ve made it as comfortable as we can for you. In addition to the van, we pull a customised trailer complete with a gas kitchen and plenty of storage space for your backpacks.

Your tent will also become your home on this tour, which is why we have chosen to provide all passengers with their very own spacious canvas OzTent.

So, no sharing, even if I’m a solo traveller? Yep, that’s right. Everyone gets their own tent, oversized stretcher bed, and camping chair. And each is really easy to assemble! The majority of the campsites we stay at have modern cooking, laundry and washing facilities, and provide an option for you to upgrade to a range of cabin- and chalet-style accommodation, should you wish.  

So, with almost 13 weeks to fill in, we’ll be taking you to all the fantastically awesome spots that New Zealand is world famous for, and so many more that other tour companies don’t visit. We love the hidden gems that lie off the beaten track, amongst the remote landscape that you’ve seen in the Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit movies. So come and experience a coddiwomple with us. Coddiwomple?  Ha ha, yep… “to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination”…. cos it’s all about the journey.

What more could you ask for?

Friendly, passionate, experienced – we (Jemma and Grant) are also the drivers, guides, chief cooks, shoppers, bottle washers, weather reporters, agony aunts, psychics, fixer uppers, certified first aiders, story tellers, historians and cultural interpreters. Come and let us introduce you to the wonders of Aotearoa – the ‘land of the long white cloud’.

Want to know more about our transport?

As ‘overlanders’ know, the vehicle that you travel in becomes your ‘home’ for the length of time that you are on the road.
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