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Your Checklist

Once you have paid your deposit, we will provide you with access to your own ZigZag Base Camp page. Once inside you’ll find some documents to fill in and complete (medical, travel insurance, dietary requirements, and our T&C’s, Code of Conduct and Disclaimer), your payment history, and a more detailed itinerary.  

Check your passport dates

Check whether you need a visitor visa for NZ, and how long your visa will last for. If you are limited to three months travel without a visa, considering applying to get one so you can spend a few days in Christchurch and Auckland at the start/end of your 90-day tour.

Plan on how best to manage your money whilst in New Zealand. Top up your travel card, obtain a little bit of New Zealand currency, and let your bank know how long you will be overseas for.

Check with your telecommunications provider whether they provide service in New Zealand, and how expensive it might be. Alternatively, you can buy a travel Sim card on arrival into New Zealand – please refer to our ‘Staying Connected’ section and FAQs for more information.     

If you have specific dietary needs, and would like to carry them with you, it would be a good idea to stock up on these in the bigger cities prior to departure. Your choices may be very limited out on the road.

Check your medications, if you are on them, and ask your doctor for a copy of your medication list and any prescriptions you may need filling while here. It is also a good idea to ask your doctor about any vaccinations that you may need.

Check your itinerary – we pick you up in one city, and drop you off in another, so you may need an additional flight.

Ensure that you have booked, or are ready to book, accommodation at the start and at the end of your ZigZag tour.

Plan how you will get to the welcome meetings in each city – it can be a very busy time of the day, so make sure you give yourself enough time. 

Consult the 'Kit List', and make sure you pack your charging equipment for all your electronics.  

Make sure you purchase any last-minute equipment or travel items prior to the first day. We will be heading off into some very rural areas so it may be difficult to get particular requirements for a few days, once we start. 

Make sure the dog/cat/grandchild sitters have your correct dates, and cancel the newspaper.

Make sure you bring your adventurous head, and your sense of humour. 

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