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THE 'zig zag' van

As ‘overlanders’ know, the vehicle that you travel in becomes your ‘home’ for the length of time that you are on the road. You tend to sit in the same seat each day, fill your overhead space with your all your little bits and bobs, and hope that the shared USB adapter is working again and that you might be able to charge your phone and power bank at some point whilst you stare out at the scenery. 

So, when it came time for the ZigZag team to choose a vehicle for touring New Zealand, we knew it was crucial to provide transport that was as safe, convenient, reliable and comfortable as we could possibly make it. 

We opted for a 2023 Mercedes AWD Sprinter, and it ticks all the boxes. Along with a new powerful engine that is quieter and produces considerably lower emissions, ZigZag’s extra-long wheelbase touring van has been fitted with individual leather seats, individual USB chargers, high performance air

THE 'zig zag' Trailer

Behind our van, we tow a customised twin axle trailer, which has been fitted with a full kitchen and refrigerator, and stores our passenger’s individual tents, stretchers, camp chairs, and baggage. This great wee trailer allows us to be completely self-sufficient whilst exploring more of New Zealand’s wild spots.  

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The ZigZag team understands how important the equipment is that we take on our overlanding tours.
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