Published on
March 16, 2022

Leaving Dunedin, we took the coastal routes where ever we could as we zig zagged our way up to Oamaru. Along the way we stopped at Moeraki Beach with it's famous round boulders.

I think we crossed the train line about 10 times as it weaved in and out North. We may as well have driven along it. Arriving in Oamaru, we needed to watch out for a different kind of train...Steampunk Trains! A visit to Steampunk HQ gave us an insight into this exotic world of all things old meets new! Quite the collection they had!

That night we went on the look out for the Little BluePenguin. They come out of the water at dusk, cross the road and nest in the undergrowth far away from the relentless tide. We had seen many warnings to be careful and also quiet if and when we did catch a glimpse of a penguin, but it wasn’t until we turned the headlights on in the car and there was a little fluffy tuxedo-ed fella staring back at us. We promptly turned the lights and engine off and watched him hide under our car until he was ready to gallivant across the road.Not a sight you see everyday!



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