We have a dream…

Published on
February 1, 2022

Finally, after almost a year and a half of dreaming, researching, investigating, planning, Covid-lockdowning, replanning, scheduling, testing, itinerising, practice packing, re-replanning, and repacking, we’re ready. The ferry is booked, the new tyres, brakepads, and towbar/bikerack are installed, the tent, stretchers, bedding, and campchairs are folded and prepared, and the boogie boards, cameras, drone, mini-Nespresso, and auditing checklists are sorted and ready to go. Cue Spotify’s ‘Awesome Road Trip’ playlist… at last, Team Zig Zag (aka Jemma and Grant), are hitting the road to test out the world’s most epic ‘New Zealand Overland Itinerary’.          


Are we excited? You bet we are!! We’re about to trial our 90 day NZ camping adventure that we’ve been researching over the last 18 months. It’ll zig zag us through the most breath-taking regions of theentire country, to hidden gems, scenic photo ops, local hot-spots and seasonal Kiwi delights that we’ll be sampling all along the way.


So, is this just a holiday,or what!? Um, no. This is a trip that we want to commercialise, and introduce to the market so that other people can experience what we both love so very much…. in-depth, natural, beautiful New Zealand. We’ve just gotta test it now…


Having ‘overlanded’ through Asia and Africa for several years, we both realised that a significant number of the people we were journeying with were mature, solo tourists and couples who had embarked on adventures in their youth, and were keen to experience more now. They were fit, active, loved being in nature, and had the time and discretionary budget to spend longer in the countries they wished to visit. Zig Zag was established to cater for this growing group of global ‘wunderlusters’, for whom New Zealand has become one of their top ‘bucket list’ destinations.    


Are there other companies who are providing long, overland camping tours like this one in New Zealand? In a word, no! We have undertaken comprehensive research on ‘overland’ travel in NZ, and identified what they provided, and who they were aiming their services at. No New Zealand companies offer a camping tour that is longer than 31 days, nor visit the array of beautiful locations we intend to travel to, or offer the inclusions that we will. We believe that there is a gap in the market for tours that are longer than one month, and that visit a large number of picturesque Kiwi locations that are ‘off the beaten track’.


This prompted us to design an itinerary that would encompass every possible beauty spot and location of interest that we could visit in a large comfortable van and trailer, ensuring at the same time that our passengers would have the time to enjoy each place along the way.


So, sign up and follow us as we reveal the locations and attractions that we’ve chosen to include...


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